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We are on air. TuneIn at 17630 kHz everyday from 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM EST.

ጊዜ ለኩሉ

Welcome to 1888 radio, the radio station advocating for the Amhara people.

Our mission is simple: to give the Amhara people a voice and promote our culture, history, and rights. Every community deserves to be heard and represented. We are committed to ensuring the Amhara people are not ignored or overlooked.

We strived to be more than just a radio station. We are a community of individuals passionate about promoting Amhara culture and advocating for the rights of the Amhara people. We believe in the power of dialogue and conversation to bring people together and create positive change.

Our programs cover various topics, from current events and politics to art, literature, and music. We feature interviews with community leaders, activists, and artists and regular segments on Amhara history and culture.

You are the reason we do what we do.

Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you will continue to join us on this advocacy journey to the celebration.

Whether you are a member of the Amhara community or simply an ally in the fight for justice and equality, we invite you to tune in to our station and join us in our mission. Together, we can make a difference and create a better world.

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